The Good Friday Cross

The Good Friday Cross

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The Good Friday Cross ✝️ Solid Tidewater Cypress 12x8

We have had so many requests for this Cross over the past year! This is such a powerful and special Cross that we are blessed to make. 

It is made of tide water Cypress and is hand painted with water colors. (The non secret ingredient is rain water). It is then sprayed with multiple coats of lacquer sanding between each coat. It is then polished to a semigloss sheen. They will be signed and numbered. Starting with #1 
We are posting 33 at a time. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.
They will be approx. be 7-12 days out

*Each one is going to be slightly different, but close enough not to list each one at a time. 
Yours will certainly be unique since we can’t paint the same design twice and the grain and angle will change.

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