Stained Glass Irish Cross in Pink/Purple

Stained Glass Irish Cross in Pink/Purple


11x7 Solid Ash with Iron Eternal Ring

This Cross is one that the boys and I work on together. We recently switched the wood to Ash on this one and the colors are more brilliant than ever before!

There is so much involved I the process of making this one. These reddish toned colors in Stained Glass symbolize the passion, endurance, and suffering of Christ in such a beautiful way. The purple is the color for Royalty and God the Father. We use about 8-10 different shades of Pink and Purple colored in with alcohol pens. Then it is sprayed with lacquer after torching the alcohol off. The Eternal gold ring is made of a tube of iron and is attached to the back. The final step is tracing each and every line with the same type of gold used to finish the ring. It is ready to hang.

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