After the Storm Cross

After the Storm Cross

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12x9 Oak/White

12x9 Walnut/Teal

What inspired this After the Storm the cross is what I have seen when taking walks on our beautiful Florida beaches after the Hurricanes. When there are calm seas you may be able to find fully intact Sand Dollars on the shore. After the storms, the delicate Sand Dollars are broken and left in pieces among the shifting sands. Some are bleached white and some are still in their natural brown color. They are still beautiful in pieces. Just as we are even After the Storms we endure.

Made from solid oak or solid Walnut. They are hand finished to a satin sheen.

wood type:
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He stilled the Storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea where hushed. Psalm 107:29

The waves in life are going to toss you about and even bring you to a breaking point. It may feel like it will never cease!! Don’t give up! Rest assured, when you cry out, the storm will be calmed. You may not look the same and you maybe battered and bruised. No matter… You are still beautiful in God’s eyes and you are loved.