Footprints in the Sand handheld/Hanging Cross in Pink

Footprints in the Sand handheld/Hanging Cross in Pink


5.5x3.5 Cypress

“The Lord replied, my precious, precious child, I Love you and I would never leave you! During your times of trial and suffering when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” -Carolyn Carty, 1963 Footprints

Even though they may be smaller than the normal sized Footprints in the Sand crosses, we almost put as much time into them as the normal sized ones. Smaller doesn’t always mean easier :) These ornaments are made from the same Cypress we have made the others from. They don’t have to be used as ornaments either. You can carry them with you daily or hang them in your car.

The footprints are carved into them. The finish is water color. The secret is that we use rain water to mix with the paint. I collect it running right off of the barn. God provides that rain water! After being painted, the water portion is finished to a high gloss to contrast the sand portion. The footprints themselves even have a slight gloss to give the impression that they are fresh in the sand. A leather chord is wrapped through the opening at the top. “God has carried me!” with the reference Matt. 11:28 is burned into the back.

Please be sure to select NO on engraving at Checkout. This one doesn’t have the room for it… God Bless!

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