Standing Exodus Cross

Standing Exodus Cross


11x7 Black Walnut

How hard is it to “Only be still” and wait for God to fight for you?

This is what Moses and the Israelites faced while they looked at the Red Sea in front of them as an Egyptian Chariot army approached from behind. The Lord delivered this message to them to let them know he would handle this fight. Could you imagine the anxiety they felt knowing they would be slaughtered after such a long journey to escape? They could probably see the dust in the distance that this massive army created. Could you be Still while looking into your families eyes and seeing their fear?

This Exodus Cross is cut out of a Heavy Solid Black Walnut slab that is 2 1/2 inches thick. The scripture is engraved deep into the wood before I also burn it black. The edges are then burned and the entire cross is sealed naturally before it is finished to a velvet smooth semi gloss sheen.

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