Divine Prayer Hand Held/Hanging Cross

Divine Prayer Hand Held/Hanging Cross

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6x4 Walnut

6x4 White Oak

6x4 Sapele

I designed this smaller version of the Divine Prayer Cross because I really wanted to see a beautiful heirloom Christmas ornament in this world again. Something that someone pours their heart and soul into while its being made. In this commercialized world it is easy to forget what Christmas is all about. It is about Jesus and the gift He gave us. The greatest gift of all which was his life for our sins! I want this Divine Prayer Cross to be taken out each year so we can read those words burned on the back out loud and celebrate with Him!

Does it have to be used an ornament? Not at all! You can carry it with you anywhere or hang it from your car mirror throughout the year.

There are three choices so far. Walnut, White Oak, and Sapele. Each one has the Psalm burned into the back of it. There will not be room for additional engraving on these so please select No at checkout.

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Here are more views of the Divine Prayer Ornament Crosses shown in order Walnut, White oak, and Sapele.