Joshua’s Cross of Many Colors

Joshua’s Cross of Many Colors


12x8 Ash

My wife called me one day when I was still working away from home at the old shop. My youngest son Joshua had a cross design he needed to share with me. It was May of 2015 and he had just turned 9 at the time. This actually takes place before the day I held up the Tree of Life cross in the air and took that picture that changed our lives too.

He came to me a few days before the phone call and asked me how he could come up with a cross to design. He wanted to make something special for his awesome 3rd grade teacher. I told him the only way I knew how and that was simply to pray to God about it and when you least expect it, he’ll show something to you. At lunch one day in school, he said he saw it. He drew something on a napkin that resembled this cross. I almost stopped everything I was doing to try and make this cross for him. I sent a picture to show him and he gave me direction throughout the design. He showed me details I was missing! In that prayer from my 9 year old son came this Joshua’s Cross of Many Colors. The first one took him all day to color. He has never colored one the same since. And every one he colors he keeps improving on. He is older now but still colors and signs every one of these crosses. I look forward to the day when he is in the barn making this one by himself. Thank you Lord for answering his prayer that day.

It is now made from solid Ash and can be colored by request or random. I finish it to a semi-gloss sheen. It absolutely brightens up the barn very time one of these comes into it. I have taken many pictures of the process of this one so please enjoy the gallery of pics!

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