The Carpenter's Cross

The Carpenter's Cross


Carpenters Cross

11x7 Solid Ozark Mountain Walnut You may also contact us to request other woods. :)

How this cross got its name and shape. Many things have influenced the cross designs over the years. Whether it was a simple old rugged cross in latin shape or an elaborate Russian Orthodox Cross in Greek Shape, each tell a story. Some tell of that day when Jesus gave it all and others tell of the days following the ascension.

I guess I felt the pressure of living up to the job God gave me of being not only a cross maker but also a cross designer. I asked for His help. I asked God to take over and help me let go of everything I thought I knew about a crosses shape and design.

I opened my eyes from prayer and I drew this shape on a piece of wood on the shop table. Let me rephrase this.. I didn’t draw it…It flowed out through me. The arms were not perfectly aligned across from each other and it had really sharp edges. Nothing about this shape was proportionate or accurate according to any other cross design. But, I saw something. I saw the Holy Spirit. I saw the Holy Grail. I saw the Trumpet being sounded. I saw am Angel standing between us and danger. I saw Love.

What do you see?

The Carpenter’s Cross shape has led to so many other crosses in the past three years. The first Scripture crosses came from this shape along with The Armor of God cross. The From Within cross is from this one too! I can take no credit for this cross. The Carpenter designed it. :) More to come!

You have made known to me the paths of Life; you will fill me with Joy in your presence. Acts 2:28

If you would like the back of this cross to be engraved. Please click the link below go to the Personal Engraving page after adding this cross to your cart. There is an engraving form to be filled out there. Engraving is up to 38 characters for $7. <ENGRAVING PAGE LINK

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