Christian Flag Cross

Christian Flag Cross


12x8 White Ash

“Onward Christians Soldiers marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before.”

Made of Solid White Ash. I have made over three designs of this cross to get to this particular one. The red cross is a separate smaller cross cut and finished separately then appliquéd to the larger cross. Oil stains are used to color this cross and a gold engraved line divides the colors of blue and white. It has a three part finish to follow to give it a satin to semigloss sheen.

If you would like the back of this cross to be engraved. Please click the link below go to the Personal Engraving page after adding this cross to your cart. There is an engraving form to be filled out there. Engraving is up to 38 characters for $7. <ENGRAVING PAGE LINK

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