First Love

Everyday is new.

Every new day we can Love one another like its the first time we've ever Loved.

Love the ones closest to us like it’s brand new and forgive yesterdays. Give our Love to complete strangers after meeting them for the first time.

This powerful thing we call Love that God has for us we possess in our hearts and soul. We are free to give it unconditionally and its unlimited.

Say you” I Love You” to someone today likes its the first time. Show someone with an act of kindness or a hug that you Love them like they are your First Love. Smile at everyone and show them the Love you have in your heart. Because there is one thing better than receiving Love and that is giving it. You can never have too much and there is no limit.

Every new day is a chance to Love the way God First Loved us.

First Love Cross.jpeg
Bradley Geoghagan