Our Daily Bread Cross

Our Daily Bread Cross


12.5x8.5 White Oak

The Daily Bread Cross is made from Solid White Oak. The 3 Wheat stalks are hand drawn and engraved into the cross. Each wheat stalk has twelve husks. The edges have a decorative route and are finished slightly darker than the face. The wheat and scripture are also slightly darker and have higher sheen. It is ready to hang in your dining room.

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I’ve been trying to understand the feelings and why I was having them while working on this cross. They are feelings of nostalgia. They are warming and from my heart. 
They are feelings from the Holidays when we celebrated together as a family with more food than we could eat at three sittings. They are feelings of love that came from the hard work that went into growing the crops and the time it took to prepare the food selflessly for others. 
Then I remembered something. I have forgotten to say the blessing before I eat for over a year now. I have taken for granted that we have food ready to eat in our home. 
There are people that don’t have that luxury. There are people who have never celebrated with more food than they can eat. 
Lord, I’ve never known hunger like that and I pray that I. No sir, I pray no one will. 
What a huge thing I’ve taken for granted and I’m upset that I have. 
Lord, give everyone this day, their daily bread. Please give to the ones first who need it the most. The ones who worry where their next meal will come from. 
Lord, I am sorry that I have neglected to thank you for your daily bread. 
You are our daily bread and I Thank you Lord for reminding me with this cross. 
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